Email Marketing Statistics

Email Marketing Statistics


Email is one of the most widely used forms of communication we have today on the web. And also, the most important one. People value their email inbox a lot more than they value their Facebook or Twitter inbox. Why? Because email is personal, and it is bound to remain that way.

Still, there are many small business owners who find email marketing to be an outdated or an old-fashioned method. Social media is the new cool kid on the block and it is hogging all the attention. Which makes traditional email feel like the medium with smaller reach.

However, the fact is, social media has not dethroned email. Not at all. While social media marketing has its own place, it is yet to catch up with email in terms of marketing power. It has a long way to go.

Every major social network knows this and understand the importance of email. Don’t take our word, try signing up with Facebook or Twitter without an email address. You can’t. Because even social media sites know the importance of email.

Email marketing is here to stay. The sooner small businesses realise this, the better results they will see from their online marketing.

Email list building has always been a hot topic in the online marketing circles. Mainly because small business owners can get a high return on investment by leveraging their email contact list.

According to a study done by Direct Marketing Association, email marketing can give your business a whopping 4,300% return on investment. That’s a number that social media marketing hasn’t even come close to.

Still not convinced?​

Here are some stats to turn you into an “email believer”:

  • More than 65% of Australian Internet users (online consumers) have bought something after receiving promotional emails.
  • A staggering 91% of online consumers visit their email inbox daily.
  • 72% of purchases made via mobile were motivated by marketing emails.
  • When compared to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, email marketing campaigns yield a 50-100 higher click through rate.
  • 47% of Internet consumers prefer being communicated about products/services via email.

A targeted list of email subscribers that have given you permission to email them is often seen as huge asset. Because these subscribers know you and trust you, which makes them qualified leads that you can convert. Right from getting repeat traffic to repeat sales, marketing suddenly is a lot easier with a quality email list.

How well you monetise your email list and drive revenue from it depends on how you well you manage your subscribers. The relationship you share with them matters to a great extent. Which means building a quality, responsive email list can be challenging if you’re not careful about developing and maintaining your list with care.

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