Is Digital Marketing Good for My Business?

Is Digital Marketing Good for My Business?


Would you rather advertise on a billboard and hope that your perfect customer sees it, or would you rather be found online by customers who have raised their hands, expressing an interest in your goods/services? Yes, we choose the latter too.

There’s no doubt that the digital world is active and prevalent in our daily lives. From virtual communication to online shopping, the internet has become a key factor in both our private and professional lives. With the availability of countless digital channels and our reliance on technology, digital marketing is an amazing asset for any business.

According to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report, 40% of businesses surveyed claimed they realised considerable savings by using digital marketing methods over traditional methods to promote their products and services. Digital marketing is cost-effective and provides the luxury of advertising to targeted audiences. By targeting specific keywords or promoting brands on the right social platforms, a digital marketing strategy can be tailored to the right users.

Three effective marketing techniques that increase brand recognition, user engagement, and customer satisfaction with your ideal audience are:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – techniques that increase the visibility of a website or page in unpaid (non-advertisement) search results,
  • Social media marketing – using social networking platforms to promote business’ products/services, and
  • Email marketing – sending promotional emails to current or prospective customers.

Digital marketing is an efficient way to deliver conversions. Conversions are used as a measure of success, and occur when incoming visitors become leads, subscribers, or sales. Greater conversions drive a greater return-on-investment. Google notes that companies that utilise digital marketing strategies can expect their revenue to grow 2.8 times higher than companies that do not have digital marketing strategies in place.

Digital marketing facilitates business interaction with target audiences, offering more insight into what your customers need and want. The interaction opportunities available through digital marketing allow businesses the chance to drive revenue through more personalised offers, cross-selling, and upselling.

As people have changed the way they interact with the internet and shopping in general, so too has the buyer’s journey changed. The buyer’s journey is the process that people go through to make a purchase.

The beginning step of this now for most people is to do information gathering online. That could be done through a search engine or asking for peer feedback and references on social media.

When someone is looking for a product to understand what it is, how it works, the benefits it has for them, wouldn’t you like to be the one they find that provides that information? That builds their trust in you and you get top of mind awareness with the consumer because you are the one they found.

What about on social media if someone is asking about a company or product? Wouldn’t you want people saying good things about you? Building a strong community that engages with your brand and those types of questions generates longer-lasting relationships and, in some cases, greater lifetime value from those customers.

About 91% of adults in Australia always have their mobile devices on them. Catering to mobile consumers, digital marketing gives businesses additional opportunities to be in front of their target audiences more so now than ever before. With constant access to the internet, consumers can search, consume, and purchase wherever they go. Providing quality information in an engaging manner that is mobile-friendly helps you reach the potential customer when they want it and in turn increase your ROI on marketing spend.

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